WANTED: BLM Member Marquise Lee Love for the Vicious Attack of Portland Motorist

The militant wing of the Democrat party – ANTIFA/BLM – has struck again. This time a man is pulled from his truck, beaten by ANTIFA/BLM and is then kicked in the face by a self proclaimed “BLM Policeman”. The victim is said to be near death. Love has a long criminal history that includes charges of domestic violence. Attempts to locate the terrorist are underway.

Marquise Lee Love is a self proclaimed member of the newly formed BLM Police group which has replaced the regular police in the terrorist run areas in Portland.

CNN refuses to cover this story, as usual. Why would they? I mean – we were forced to watch the detailed coverage of a man in Chicago who had claimed to be the victim of a vicious slap attack. We had to endure every false detail of that Fairy Tale for weeks. CNN should be sued in small claims court by every subscriber for Breach of Contract for promising news but selling you leftist propaganda.


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